Thursday, October 13, 2005

Vice President at Haifa University is an Israeli Arab

Want to make a bet this won't make the MSM reports anywhere?

Sociology professor Majd el-Haj has been named Haifa University's next dean of research, making him the first Arab faculty member to serve at the vice presidential level of an Israeli university.
Since the idea of a Jew serving in a like capacity in an Arab university is enough to cause apoplexy in some quarters, you'd think this appointment would make a big splash in the legacy media, wouldn't you? Or rather, you would if you were Rip van Winkle and hadn't been up and reading the news since 1948. That was the last time they printed good news for Jews. Times have changed.

Which is why the Israelis deserve recogniton for this. Since they won't get it many other places, here's my voice. Good job, guys.

el-Haj will be responsible for the cultivation of academic research at the university as well as research cooperation with universities abroad. el-Haj is held in international esteem in his fields of research - multiculturalism and the sociology of education. He has extensively studied the Palestinian minority in Israel, conducting comparative studies with other minorities in the country and abroad.
Sounds like academic babble, but that's okay. Given the incredible number of "minorities" in Israel, his work might even have a point.

(Yes, one of my prejudices is academic mandarins).

Vice President el-Haj is grateful for his appointment...kind of.

[he] called the appointment historical, but added that it represents a larger problem. "If it took the state and its academic institutions 57 years to appoint an Arab as dean, then this indicates deep discrimination."
Hmm. He has a point there. And exactly how many Jewish scholars have appointments at Arab institutions of higher learning? Just asking.

The VP thinks his new promotion proves that "nothing is impossible" and that it is indicative of change, despite the "glass ceiling" (yes, he really did say glass ceiling. He may be a change, but he's still a professor) that prevents other minorities from advancing.

I'll bet he thinks life ought to be fair, too.

Well, good on you anyway, Haifa University. But I do hope your other folks aren't as snarky as this fellow. Hope you have your rabies shots up to date, too, since he seems a mite inclined to bite the hand that feeds him.


At 8:37 PM, Blogger MikeZ said...

"Since the idea of a Jew serving in a like capacity in an Arab university is enough to cause apoplexy in some quarters..."

Are there any universities in Arab countries?

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Amira said...

Umm... wow. Seeing how the Israeli government has a habit of closing arab universities intermitantly, I don't think it'd be good job security for any Israeli professor, nor would I imagine any Israeli professor would want to live in occupied territories in order to not have the nasty commute from Israel. Oh wait, maybe the jewish citizens don't have to put up with check points... I think the only snarky one here is you (the author) and MikeZ, who obviously has no clue about the contributions of arabs in our current educational system. Israel has systematically prevented many Palestinians from obtaining any education at all in some regions. I do agree that Haifa University should be commended for *finally* allowing the natives of the country to hold such a position. They've come a long way from a government that used to not even issue arabs a birth certificate. Yes, it would be great if fairness actually had something to do with it.

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Dymphna said...

I'm the snarky one?? Oh my, I certainly hope so.

Since I'm adding a comment in 2011to a post from 2005, let me add to the snark level by adding new material;

How about those PoorPalis and their "education" system which mostly amounts to indoctrinating their youngsters in the many varieties of Jew-hate, plus their post-graduate work, "Jew-Killing", in which the dissertation involves close work with a suicide belt.

Arabs have lots of countries. Thus the PoorPalis are de facto Jordinians, even if the rest of the Arab world likes the convenience of their purported 'regfugee' existence.

If I were in charge of Israeli governance, all Arabs would be told to leave the country, period. Just as the Arabs have done with the Jews -- e.g., Yemen, which may finally be Judenrein. Iraq is free of them and is on its way to becoming Christer-free also. Those not killed are permitted to flee to Western countries if the latter will take them in.

Let us count the synagogues throughout the Middle East, and the number of people holding Israeli passports who are permitted in Arab airspace.

Or let us look at what the PoorPalis did with that incredible, ingenious and highly productive greenhouse system the Israelis built & turned over to the PoorPalis when they left Gaza. Instead of being utilized as a source of employment and agricultural research, the PoorPalis were permitted to take it apart, to vandalize the whole $5 million project because that's what they learn to do in their education system.

For fun, name the first three Palestinian winners of Nobel Prizes for science.

And, as I inferred in this post from the past, give us the names of Jews serving in a similar capacity in any Arab country.

Your rhetoric contains a number of bad-faith fallacies: there's misdirection; the straw-man fallacy; the resort to pity; pointing to the past as proof of the present; etc., etc.

So the Israelis used to refuse to issue birth certificates for Arab babies. And that is proof what exactly WHAT right now?? I call this one the Eternally Grieved attitude. It is a favorite position of those blacks in this country who continue to harp on the injustice of slavery and the cruelty of Southern slaveholders. There is no time nor attention given to the hundreds of thousands of WHITE men who died in the war to end slavery.

You indulge yourself when you wallow in the mire of "it-ain't fair-now-because-it-wasn't-fair-then"...also known as Somebody Owes Me.

Tell that one to the Karma Dude because I don't buy what you're selling.

At 3:40 PM, Blogger Amira said...

"PoorPalis" Oy vey. I didn't know I was dealing with a racist or I certainly wouldn't have bothered. You're logic is flawed and your rhetoric is thick and your hatred is obvious. That doesn't leave space for real dialogue free from insulting outbursts. Shalom. L'Hitraot.


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