Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Good Day to Marry

Today is my birthday.

To commemorate this remarkable phenomenon — remarkable because I never thought I’d live past the age of nineteen — I decided to re-open this small gated community just to see what transpires. I have lots to say, but much of it’s not fit for our regular blog. So instead this will be the depository for those things which snag my passing fancy: instead of burdening my friends with forwards they may be less than thrilled to see in their already-overloaded email accounts, I’ll plop ‘em here.

Over here I can indulge my propensity for hyphenating anything that needs it. Or rather, anything that in my humble opinion would be improved with the addition of a hyphen or two. This quirk is akin to my daughter’s fool-proof (fool-resistant?) ‘fix’ for words that didn’t look ‘right’. This rightness was certainly in the eye of the creator. Thus her motto — “when in doubt add an ‘e’ somewhere” — produced some strange neologisms. Those words may have still been wrong, but what the heck — just one more standard made subjective. As the narcissists like to say, “works for me”. Of course that’s not all they say but perhaps we’ll leave that subject for another time.

Another thing permitted over here is…well, anything that suits my fancy. Is that not the sine qua non for blogs without a mission? My mission in real life is to get up before noon and do whatever demands my attention at that moment until something else seems even more urgent; and so it goes until bedtime. These ‘demands’ vary depending on the limits my body decides are permissible right then, or anything my soul puts at the top of the day’s list. Thus, my appearance here… it is overdue.

I will always be struggling to answer mail or acknowledge contributions over at the real place. That seems inevitable now; there simply will never come a good time to tiptoe over here. I will just wrest the moment and show up anyway…

Today I come bearing a delightful video. It made me smile:

I imagine the children of this couple, somewhere off in the future looking at this video of their young parents and smiling too.

Hat tip: Rick at Brutally Honest


At 9:20 AM, Blogger hank_F_M said...


Happy Birthday!

At 9:23 PM, Blogger Dymphna said...

Why thank you, Hank! I'm glad you're still around. Hope you're Still Hanging In There: now make an acronym of that phrase. Told to me once by my parish priest - with a wink and a nod.


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