Monday, June 25, 2007

Commentary on the Weather

The following is an OT comment left on LGF last week. For some reason, his musings made me muse on the fact that we all sit with our sandwiches at lunchtime – outside, in the good weather – and think about the same things.

Somehow that is comforting,

Lunch Time Weather Musings

On this, the second sunniest day of the year, the Gulf of Mexico is nearly cloud free.

The Gulf is warming nicely.

And, a good part of the Gulf has warm water at least 25 meters deep, with some areas having warm water to 75 meters and more.

This is like the growing season for hurricanes, like the orange tree in my backyard. The oranges are still green, and no bigger than limes, but they are getting better and better.

The weak low off Florida won’t develop as long as strong Westerlies aloft blow the thunderstorms away from the LLCS.

No forecast to develop, but this interesting feature should move into the Gulf of Mexico and enhance the rainfall late Monday through Wednesday from coastal Texas to extreme Western Florida.

I think its cool how the weather in Texas this time of year can sometimes come from Africa and cross the entire Atlantic and Caribbean to get here.

No wonder people invoked the weather gods. They are mighty and inscrutable indeed.


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