Monday, November 26, 2007

So, Don't Like, Hurt My Feelings or Anything....

I just found a great signature line:

Like Elizabeth Edwards, I now have the absolute moral authority of being a cancer survivor--and a mother! So don’t, like, hurt my feelings or anything, or you’re like, you know, mean and stuff.

One of those things I wish I’d thought of…except I keep tripping on my Superwoman cape and banging my head. It makes me forgetful…

…unfortunately, though, even with these self-inflicted memory deficits some things are seared, just seared into my brain.

Like John Kerry speeches.

And his special little hat.

And the time he knocked down the Secret Service agent when he was skiing.

They say “blood will tell” and John’s certainly does. I think it’s yellow. But maybe that’s just my jaundiced view.

No matter who the Dems run this time around, it won’t be as interesting as JFK II.

Ummm…unless Hillary runs. Fits and foments and rages, oh my.


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